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Pineapple Piss Lemonade Strain


Aroma: Fresh squeezed pineapple

Flavor: Pineapple gelato ice cream

Experience: Head high

Flower  Euphoric   Happy Indica  Lift Your Spirits Pineapple  Sweet  THC



Pineapple Piss Lemonade Strain

Pineapple Piss Lemonade Strain is a new strain that is quickly gaining popularity among cannabis consumers. This exotic weed is an indica dominant hybrid bud. A lot of different online sources sat its a lemonade cross of some kind but its very difficult to specify. It was one of the strains made from the collaboration between Cookies x Lemonade.  Pineapple Piss Lemonade Strain Online

Like many Lemonade Strains such tangeray. cake mix and lions mane, pineapple piss buds transition between light green to dark green with occasional flashes of orange.

Users who have tried out pineapple piss said the high was long lasting and a full body experience. It leaves you feeling rested and sedated a perfect choice for insomnia patients

It also makes you feel energetic and creative perfect for those working on artistic projects. buy weed europe

This strain has a sweet citric pineapple which you can taste after your first inhale The high is long lasting and extremely relaxing. ice-cream-cake-strain

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1 oz, 1 pound, 4 oz, 8 oz


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