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Jack Herer Strain

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Jack Herer Strain

Jack Herer Strain , also known as “JH,” “The Jack,” “Premium Jack,” and “Platinum Jack” is a sativa-dominant marijuana strain that has gained as much renown as its namesake, the marijuana activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Combining a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross, Sensi Seeds created Jack Herer hoping to capture both cerebral elevation and heavy resin production. Its rich genetic background gives rise to several different variations of Jack Herer, each phenotype; bearing its own unique features and effects. However, consumers typically describe this 55% sativa hybrid as blissful, clear-headed, and creative.

Jack Herer was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s, where it was later distributed by Dutch pharmacies as a recognized medical-grade strain. Since then, this spicy, pine-scented strain has taken home numerous awards for its quality and potency. Many breeders have attempted to cultivate this staple strain themselves in sunny or Mediterranean climates, and indoor growers should wait 50 to 70 days for Jack Herer to flower.

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7 reviews for Jack Herer Strain

  1. Victoria

    Strain: Jack Herer Seller: House of Gas – Anaheim, Ca Consumed: Vaporized (S&B Crafty), multiple sessions, multiple times of the day. Temperature: 188C Firstly and most strikingly, Jack Herer’s smell already makes the strain its very own. As another review suggested, it may as well smell identical to lemon Pledge. Most certainly, but not quite. Yes. Nearly. Jack’s strain is nature’s recall. It’s scent has a body, it has whiffs of the purest air, and draws forth with it autumn and summer scents of pinewood forests from its lemon origin. Knowing the multitude of hazardous chemicals within Pledge, it’s such a pleasure smelling such a resembling and pleasurable scent from an organic source. The first draws’ tastes to a smoker’s delight will be identical to its bound smells; an invigorating tingle blended sour, giving an extremely wakening and refreshing head space, clear enough for innovative thought and communicative skills. Don’t let the lower THC content fool you. Jack Herer is very potent and can be abused to the point where you wouldn’t even consider going out and about. Take this into account as you portion your bowls with this strain. For a morning smoke, take a few generous draws and hold back from toking further, as Jack’s optimal purpose is to serve as a stimulant and alleviator for symptoms affiliated within social and personal aspects. I, however consider Jack Herer a strain to be preferably taken in the late afternoon and evening times because of its potent, but also social, clear-headed, creative, stimulating effects. As an example, I would recommend Maui Waui for morning and afternoon activities. It’s simply a little lighter and you’ll be on point. Quentin F-C

  2. Lucas

    Dense and sticky buds that were trimmed beautifully. Smells glorious!! Vaporized in a volcano and it was AMAZING!!! Instantly relieved my neck and back pain. I have MS, RA and a rare brain disorder that requires a shunt to drain spinal fluid. I’ve been in a lot of pain lately so I was hoping OregonMedigreen could help me out. Jim suggested some Jack Herer and gave me a little bit to try. This morning I woke up in horrible pain, I could hardly move. My girlfriend loaded the vaporizer with some Jack and 10min later I was sitting up enjoying coffee with a big smile on my face. 🙂 The muscle pain began to melt away and I felt like I was floating happily on the bed. It gave me zero anxiety which is great because I tend to feel anxious with sativas. I LOVE this flower!! I FINALLY found a great daytime smoke!!

  3. mvp

    Forget the espresso, Jack Herer is better than any cup of coffee in the morning. This is a spectacular Sativa-dominant hybrid that has been around for a little while. With sharp notes of pine and an earthy sweetness to it, this is a delicious and smooth smoke. It is amazing for relieving your anxiety and putting you in a better mood. This is such a good morning strain that I know more people that use this regularly than any other strain! It is just solid. Everybody should try this strain, even if it’s not what you were looking for. You just might be surprised.

  4. Thiago

    This is one of my very favorite strains. I am unusually vulnerable to feeling anxiety and paranoia when using cannabis, Jack has never even made me tense. A reliable calm and uplifting experience that doesn’t cloud my mind. Functional daytime medicine. I avoid this when I do school work, but that’s about it. Only downsides in my experience are: morning headache (if smoked to close to bedtime) and unending, irreconcilable munchies. I would heavily recommend this strain to anyone dealing with PTSD, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and Chemo. Honestly, if I where diagnosed with cancer tomorrow, my 3rd move would be to find Jack Herer in flower and clone. Do yourself a favor and go find some, a very special strain.

  5. Gabriel

    great strain! it took me a while to get around to trying this perennial favorite, but it was immediately clear why it’s so popular. one of the magical things about some strains is the capacity to get you out of your chair and inspire you to do a creative project. my ‘champs’ for this are bubbleberry, cinderella 99, and cinex. among the creative champs I’ve found a continuum of jittery-ness, that speed-like trait that, at least to me, is undesirable. cinex is at my outside limit on this; allen wrench goes too far: too jittery. then there are the ‘gentle’ creatives (e.g. chocolope, space queen) – lovely and worth trying, but they lack that mysterious force impelling you on, not really giving you the choice to remain in a chair watching a movie. it’s rare for me to put a strain into my top 5 (out of 70+) on first try, but this one was a no-brainer. as if that wasn’t enough, you can find a video online of Jack Herer ranting about the idiotic anti-marijuana laws; not only did this guy come up with a legendary strain, he’s spot-on as far as the legal issues: a million people have had their lives, and often their right to vote, harmed, over cannabis. Herer doesn’t come out and say it (Michael Moore does, in ‘where to invade next’), but the drug laws are just a continuation of Jim Crow, an attempt to deny people of color the right to vote. go Jack!

  6. Sofia

    Jack Herer is my morning medicine. I take it daily every morning before work, and it turns me into a happy, focused, energized person completely capable of working and talking to people without tripping over my tongue. I was severely depressed for several months, then I started taking Jack every morning and my world view changed completely. And btw, reading the other reviews makes me shake my head in disapproval. For one thing, Jack is a sativa-dominant strain that will put your head in the clouds and it has just the perfect amount of indica in it to keep your feet on the ground. Do not expect it to work well as a sleep aid, people! Indicas are typically good for sleep and anxiety, sativas are typically good for energy and depression. Doing a sativa strain even early in the morning has affected my sleep pater that night, so be careful and make sure to have some indica to help you come down off the sativa high later on. Another thing that perplexed me, was reading about that guy who did a bunch of it in Amsterdam. Jack is a SUPER potent strain, I do not recommend doing like that guy did, he obviously did too much. Sativas can give you a bad trip, so to speak, if you do too much, at least for us types who have issues with anxiety. Jack can absolutely help you focus, if you do like one nice big hit off a vaporizer and let it ride. If you do too much you’ll feel like you’re on crack, at least that’s been my experience with all sativa-dominants. Sativas are not to be taken lightly. It’s not like indica where you can do bowl after bowl till you pass out. Sativa will energize you and speed up your thoughts, making it great for depression but not great for sleep aid or anxiety. Jack just happens to have the perfect blend of both to treat stress, depression, anxiety, and lack of motivation. This strain replaced my need for ADD and OCD prescription pills. Thank you, Sensi Seeds, for creating one of the best strains on the planet!!! -dbvapor

  7. Natalia

    I am known by any one who will listen to be a great lover of kushes to deal with a chronic nausea issue and social anxiety. Since changing LP’s have had lots of different choices to explore to control health issues. I thought I had already had the best of everything until I tried Jack Herer. It is my all time day time fave. It is energizing, but at the same time calming. Since I usually have high anxiety it’s important to have a good balance in your choices, and normally this means mixing for me. But with this strain for some reason, it is great on it’s own or as a helper depending on what your day brings and your level of discomfort. On a bad day it’s one of my recipes, Jack and a really great Kush and perhaps a dash of some CBD. A game changer!!! Thanks to Tilray for having great selections and quality.

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