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9 reviews for Runtz

  1. Malena

    Very heavy euphoria , with a body buzz that lasts 2-3 hours. Tastes like runts fruit candy !

  2. Abigail

    I’m sensitive to most indicas but this is different. The depression is gone and I can still function very well. I think I found my new favorite strain.

  3. Guadalupe

    Took two bong rips an I was floating over a rainbow into never land. I saw Peter Pan an shit my pants. I woke up in the bathtub☺️🤘🏻👽

  4. Fernando

    This new strain is the shit. This strain has taken us stoners to a new high.

  5. Mariangel

    I love this strain! Hubby too. I pack a bowl after sending our kids off to school then get busy on the house. Makes me feel uplifted, giddy and productive. I feel it more in the back of my head than the front which I like. It gives me a good buzz without affecting my thinking and function. Nice to smoke in the morning and evening but not too late or I can’t sleep. Would definitely recommend.

  6. Isidora

    This weed is definitely creative and an indica dominate strain. My friend rolled a skimpy ass backwood and it got us BLASTED. We were slapping so loud and we were up the night! Helps with anxiety and makes you talkative for great conversations ( hence the creativity 😉 )a hard hitting strain that’ll take ANYOWN out!

  7. Bianca

    When I read that Runtz was the strain of the year 2020, I had to see what all the fuss was about. I ground up enough to half fill the oven of my DaVinci Micro and went to work. It has a fruity aroma with little or no dry-mouth. The buzz snuck upon me however. I was about to complain that I did not feel anything and realized I was talking to myself out loud, a sure sign for me that was impaired. Then I noticed that I was in an incredible mood! The sky was bluer, music sounded sweeter, everything just felt brighter! To me, Runtz is good daytime strain but don’t operate heavy equipment. It’s more of a riding with your wife while she does errands strain. I’m a flavor chaser and try to keep five strains in my stash, just because I can. This one makes the cut.

  8. Emilio


  9. Damián

    Just rolled a nice fat one with a kingpin wrap. This shit is amazing. Tastes great. Smooth and clean on the inhale. Same on the exhale. And the high is amazing. Euphoric with a nice body high. Calm and relaxed but not couch locked. Can’t recommend enough.

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